A Cross – Cultural Activity was organized on 15 February, 2020 for the students of S.Y.Bcom by the Business Communication faculty which included Dr. Rajeshree Gokhale ,Dr. Kuchekar, Prof. Neetika Sharma. The number of student participants were around 520 . The students participated with full enthusiasm and portrayed various cultures from India and outside India through dance, mime, skit,poetry, presentation and food stalls. All the students got to experience skills such as leadership skills, management skills and communication skills.
Everyone present there got to learn about the various cultures which were showcased by the students. The spirit of togetherness was very well exhibited by the students as well as the faculty throughout the activity. The activity was very encouraging and turned out to be a successful event.

BBA dept secured 2nd prize in Group singing competition organised by DES at Amphi theatre today