B.Com (NEP) Structure


Paper Code
Title of the Paper
Major (Any one from  major)  231101A  Fundamentals of Cost and Management Accounting - I 4
231101B Fundalmentals Of Banking 
231101C Descriptive Statistics-I
231101D Introduction To Business Administration - I
231101E Introduction To Business Entrepreneurship - I
231101F Fundamentals Of Marketing - I
231101G Vocational Taxation - I
231101H Management Accounting - I (MA)
Electives GE 231102 Financial Accounting - I 2
231102-1 Financial Accounting - I (FA)
Open Electives (OE)  231103 Introduction to Economics 2
  (Any one) 231104 Fundamentals of Mathematics-I 2
231104-1 Business Technology-I (BT)
231104-2 Vocational Taxation-II
Vocational Skill Courses (VSC)  231105 Computerized Accounting And Data Analysis - I  2
Ability Enhancement Courses (AEC)  231106 English Literature And Communication Skills - I 2
Ability Enhancement Courses (AEC)
(Any one)
231107A Language And Literature - I (English) 2
231107B Language And Literature - I (Marathi)
231107C Language And Literature - I (German)
231107D Language And Literature - I (French)
231107E Language And Literature - I (Hindi)
Value Enhancement Courses (VEC)
(Any one)
231108A Environment, Society And Culture - I (English) 2
231108B Environment, Society And Culture - I (Marathi)
231108C Environment, Society And Culture - I (German)
231108D Environment, Society And Culture - I (French)
231108E Environment, Society And Culture - I (Hindi)
  231109 Arthsashtra And Introduction To Vedas 2
Co-curricular Courses (CC)   CC-23101 NSS-I 2
CC-23102 NCC-I Boys
CC-23103 Sports-I
CC-23104 Cultural-I
CC-23105 Meditation And Yoga-I
CC-23106 NCC-I Girls
CC-23107 Student Development Board-I
CC-23108 Girls Empowerment Cell-I
CC-23109 Nature Club-I
CC-23110 Red Cross-I
CC-23111 Entrepreneurship Development Cell-I
CC-23112 Commerce Laboratory 
CC-23113 Finance Club-I
CC-23114 Moot Court-I
CC-23115 Event Management - Emerge
CC-23116 Heritage Collective-I
Total Credit 22

Paper Code
Title of the Paper
Major (Any one from  major)  231201A  Fundamentals of Cost and Management Accounting-II  4
231201B  Fundamentals of Finance 
231201C  Descriptive Statistics-II 
231201D  Business Administration-II 
231201E  Introduction to Business Entrepreneurship-II 
231201F  Fundamentals of Marketing-II 
231201G  Vocational Taxation-III 
231201H Management Accounting-II (MA)
Electives GE 231202 Financial Accounting-II  2
231202-1 Financial Accounting-II (FA)
Minor (Any one) 2312011A Introduction to Indian Legal and Administrative System  2
2312011B Fundamentals of Management  
2312011C Market Structures and Pricing Strategies 
Open Electives (OE)  231203 International Relations  2
  (Any one) 231204 Fundamentals of Mathematics-II   2
231204-1 Business Technology-II (BT)
231204-2 Vocational Tax-IV
Vocational Skill Courses (VSC)  231205 Computerized Accounting and Data Analysis-II  2
Ability Enhancement Courses (AEC)  231206 English Literature and Communication Skills-II  2
Ability Enhancement Courses (AEC)
(Any one)
231207A Language and Literature-II (English) 2
231207B Language and Literature-II (Marathi) 
231207C Language and Literature-II (German) 
231207D Language and Literature-II (French)
231207E Language and Literature-II (Hindi)
Value Enhancement Courses (VEC)
(Any one)

231208A Environment, Society and Culture-II (English) 2
231208B Environment, Society and Culture-II (Marathi)
231208C Environment, Society and Culture-II (German)
231208D Environment, Society and Culture-II (French)
231208E Environment, Society and Culture-II (Hindi)
Co-curricular Courses (CC)   CC-23201 NSS-II 2
CC-23202 NCC-II Boys
CC-23203 Sports-II
CC-23204 Cultural-II
CC-23205 Meditation And Yoga-I
CC-23206 NCC-II Girls
CC-23207 Student Development Board-II
CC-23208 Girls Empowerment Cell-II
CC-23209 Nature Club-II
CC-23210 Red Cross-II
CC-23211 Entrepreneurship Development Cell-II
CC-23212 Commerce Laboratory-II
CC-23213 Finance Club-II
CC-23214 Moot Court-II
CC-23215 Event Management-Troika
CC-23216 Heritage Collective-II
Total Credit 22

Paper Code
Title of the Paper
Major-I (Any one) 231301A Cost and Works Accounting paper-III 4
231301B Structure of Indian Banking System
231301C Statistics paper-III
231301D Business Administration paper -III
231301E Business Entrepreneurship- III
231301F Marketing paper -III
231301G Vocational Taxation-V
231301H ACCA - Performance Management F5 - I
231301-I CMA-I
Major-II 231302 A Accounting Paper-3 4
  231302 B ACCA - Financial Reporting F7 - I 4
Minor (Any one) 231303A Principles of Management-1 (in one division) 4
231303B Law-II (in one division)
231303C Macro Economics (Theory of Money) (in three div)
231303D ACCA - Financial Management F9 - I
 OE (2) 231304   Integral Economics 2
VSC (2)     231305A   Business Communication Skills in Management – I (only for Division -A)   2
231305B   Management Skills and Practices- I  
231305C     ACCA - Audit and Assurance AA – I
SEC (2)           231306A   Corporate Law and Drafting Skills-1   2
231306B    ACCA - Corporate and Business Law F4 - I  
231306C   Vocational Taxation-VI
AEC (2) 231307A  Business Communication - I 2
 231307B  ACCA - Audit and Assurance AA - II
Co-curricular (2)(field project)  (Any one) CC-23301 NSS-III 2
CC-23302 NCC-III
CC-23303 Sports-III
CC-23304 Cultural-III
CC-23305 Yoga and Meditation-III
CC-23306   Student Development Board-III  
CC-23307 Girls Empowerment Cell-III
CC-23308 Nature Club-III
CC-23309 Youth Red Cross-III
CC-23310 Entrepreneurship Development Cell-III
CC-23311 Finance Club-III
CC-23312 Moot Court-III
CC-23313 Event Management-Troika-III
CC-23314 Heritage Collective-(Astitva)-III
CC-23315 Community Engagement Programme-I
Total Credit 22


CourseEligibilityAdmissionProcedureIn take capacityCourse Timing
F.Y.B.Com.XII passAfter XII ResultOn Open Merit Basis6007.30 12.30p.m
S.Y.B.Com.F.Y.B.Com passed from BMCCAfter F.Y.B.Com ResultOn Open Merit Basis (If vacancies exist)6007.30 12.30p.m
T.Y.B.ComS.Y.B.Com passed from BMCCNANA6007.30 12.30p.m



B.Com. International Finance Syllabus
B.Com.Strategic Finance Syllabus
B.Com.Vocational Tax Procedures Syllabus