B.Com. FinTech

Course Content

1.Programme Objectives :
(i) To Impart the knowledge related to various key concepts in Commerce and business, especially banking, Management and administration related technology.
(ii) To provide working knowledge of financial technology and its implication in businesses.
(iii) To impart domain technical skills in Account, Finance, Management, Law and data analytics.
(iv) To inculcate the analytical, interpretational skills as well as skills related to MIS reports and support to decision making.

Sem I Sem II
Course code Subjects Credits Course code Subjects Credits
11101 Communication skills- I 3 11201 Communication skills- II 3
11102 Business Mathematics 3 11202 Business Statistics 3
11103 Financial Accounting -I 3 11203 Financial Accounting -II 3
11104 Business Economics -I 3 11204 Business Economics -II 3
11105 Introduction to Information Technology -I 4 11205 Introduction to Information Technology -II 4
11106 Dealing with Data 4 11206 Visualisation of Data 4
Total 20 Total 20