Assessment process B.Com.


a) Continuous Internal Evaluation (CIE) worth 40 marks and External Examination, i.e. Semester End Examination (SEE) of 60 marks for each course is mandatory. A student has to obtain minimum 40% marks to qualify in CIE and SEE.

b) A student is allowed to carry all courses from first semester one to semester two,semester three to semester four and semester four to semester six. A student is allowed to keep terms only for three regular courses from first year to second year and second year to third year, but he/she has to pass in all regular courses of the first year to take admission in third year.

c) A student has to qualify for skill courses that carry weightage of 5 credits during the degree period of three years. Skill courses include the courses listed and approved by the AC. A student has to choose minimum one skill course, except when he/she is selected in any of the Experiential Learning Departments i.e. National Service Scheme (NSS), National Cadet Corps (NCC), Cultural, Sports and Students Development Board (earlier known as Student Welfare Board). Experiential Learning Departments will evaluate the selected and enrolled students for minimum 5 credits during the three years. The students who are not selected in these departments have to gain minimum 5 credits from skill courses offered by the college.

d) All skill courses shall be recommended by the Academic Council and Finance Committee and approved by the GB. The skill courses may ask for the payment of additional fees if required. The college may involve some outside training institutes or professional bodies for such skill courses to make them student centric and to improve students employability.

e) The examination and evaluation related rules and regulations for all courses should be framed by the Examination Committee in consultation with all BOS and with the approval of the AC and the GB.