This year when B.M.C.C. celebrating its Platinum Jubilee, it is a matter of pride to present a brief account of our esteemed library too. BMCC Library is a unique of its kind. We are happy to say that, it is turning 45 this year. The colossal, two storied, specious library building is the jewel in the crown and was a millstone in the history of BMCC. It was inaugurated in November 1973 at hands of the illustrious jurist and the renowned economist of India Shri. Nani Palkhiwala in the graceful presence of the notorious dignitaries of that time. It is now recognized as one of the prominent research library in the field of commerce. Well-known for its richness, convenience, accessibility. It has always been a matter of attraction and curiosity among the students, teachers, researchers and scholars.

The library-holdings are the finest combination of traditional and modern resources. This year the library collection has gone beyond 1 lakh, which consists of a variety of current information sources in the field of commerce, economics and other disciplines. It subscribes to 135 national and international leading journals. The collection consist of numerous valuable print, non-print and online resources.

Last few years were totally dedicated to the automation and digitization of the library. Most of the library services are based on the ICT. The acquisition-processing-retrieving-dissemination of information is fully automated with the help of ERP-Gems software. The traditional library services and apparatuses have been replaced with the advanced computerized services and automated techniques. The rare and valuable information sources have been preserved, and an attempt has been made for their digitization. The online databases, E-journals and E-books are subscribed by the library from prominent institutions and publishers viz., INFLIBNET N-List., Sage Online Journals, Bankers-Brief etcs. Library introduced the valuable collection of E-books and E-Journals. Students, scholars and researchers can browse their piece of information through their personal Login ID.

The library website www.bmcclib.in is providing the substantial information to its clientele. The Library database is linked to the Website with other online links. A full-fledged “UGC E-Resource Centre” and “A Resource Centre for Visually Challenged” were the remarkable additions in the library set up. An independent “Research Wing and Digital Library” has been proposed to facilitate the researchers, scholars and our faculties for advanced study and research in commerce. A The “Commerce Content” and the “Current Commerce” are two significant services which assist the reader to update the information in every discipline of commerce.

The number of library users are increasing every year Library caters to the need of more than 5000 students including Junior, Senior, PG Wing and different SFC Courses every year. Students of M.Phil. and Ph.D. avail the special facilities of library. Last couple of years library provides membership to the Ex-students and Ex-faculties also.

The students who want to actively participate in library-days, events and activities they are all encouraged by enrolling them in Library User Group. LUG members are provided open access in Reference Section and also given extra reading facility. “The Best Reader Award” is offered to a student who read the maximum number of books every year. This is to promote the students reading habit among the students. A set of text –books is issued to the deserving students under the Book-Bank Scheme. ‘Over-the-night’ books issued to facilitate their study. Library Orientation Program is conducted eventually to know the library, its collection and services. Library has recently added two new services i.e. “Commerce Content” and “Current Commerce” which provides the up-to-date information in the field of commerce and economics.

The library is not remained as a book lending hub, but it has crossed the boundaries. The eminent personalities are invited to deliver lecture on different subjects to enlightened the students. Library-Days like “Vachan Prerana Din,” “Constitution Day”, “Marathi Bhasha Din”, “World Women’s Day”, are celebrated throughout the year. Essay Competition, Elocution Competitions, Poem Reading and Book Reviews are organized to inculcate the reading habit among the students. The anniversaries of national leaders and social thinkers are celebrated in the library by giving an opportunity to express their view. Display of Wall-papers, News-papers Clippings, ‘Campus Cleaning Drive, Tree Plantation etc. programs are conducted on such a special occasions..
This year the library organized “VISION 2018” a very unique event for visually-challenged students,, to mark the BMCC Platinum Jubilee year. During the three days of event, the Inter-collegiate Elocution, Chess, and Poem Reading competitions were held in the library. It received the overwhelming response from visually-challenged students of various reputed colleges in Pune city.

The library, in co-ordination with other Departments are conducting various activities for the benefit of students. This year “A Small Duration Course in English Learning Skills” was piloted in co-ordination with the Department of English, it was to extend the usage of valuable reference sources in the library. Department of Marathi conduct various activities in assistance with library throughout the year. The volunteer students of Library User Group, Earn and Learn Scheme play a vital role in conducting the events.

This is the 23rd year of Book-Exhibition, we proudly say that BMCC is the first who started this significant activity in 1996. Over these years many distinguished scholars, thinkers, laureates and renowned personalities in various fields have been invited in the exhibition to addressed the students. Under the Book-Discount Scheme students are offered 50% subsidy on purchase of books of their interest at a low cost. There is the overwhelming response from students for the Book-Exhibition every year.

Library is serving its clientele from last 45 years consistently. In fact it is the tradition of the creative, hardworking and devoted librarians like Late Shri. Prahalad Digambar Kulkarni, Late Dr. Manohar Phadke, Prof. Smt. Bharati Koparkar and Prof. Damodar Waghmare who established the library over the years. They strive hard for the development of library in all respect. They executed new practices and policies for the growth of library, its collection, readers and the services as whole. A plentiful donors have donated their valuable collection generously over the years. It includes various eminent persons Prof. D.R. Gadgil, Sir. Raghunath paranjpye, Shri. B.S. Dabke, Principal D.G. Karve and associations like Fergusson and Wilingdon College, Kirloskar Brothers, Indian Merchants Chambers, M/s Premchand Roychand, The Employers Federation, U.S.I.S., Reserve Bank of India, East India Cotton Asso., Bank of Baroda, British Council, Rotary Club etc. The flow of book donation to the library is still continue.

Numerous scholars, industrialists, leaders, social thinkers and many more studied here in this library during past years and now serving the nation.


Present collection as on December 2019 : 122321

Reference Books


Text Books


Bound Volumes




M.Phil. Dissertations


Ph. D. Thesis


Books received in donation


CPE Grant Books


Periodicals Subscribed :







Competitive Exam Magazines


International Journals


Total –


E-Resources :





Pearson India Pvt. Ltd. E-Books – 29


McGraw Hill India Pvt. Ltd. E-Books – 17

E-Books – 10




E-Books – 97000

E-Journals – 6000


Sage Publications

Online Journals

E- Books – 05


Digital Depository

(Scanned copies of rare books )



Educational DVD’s and CD’s Collection 228


F.Y.B.Com. S.Y.B.Com. T.Y.B.Com. Junior


M.Com. Other Total



54 34 13 06 20 170







Think Track


Brihan Research Journal


Vanijya Vichar




Whos Who




Faculty of Jr, Sr, PG, SFC


Students of FYJC & SYJC


Students of FY/ SY / TY B.Com.


PG – M.Com I & II


SFC Course


M. Phil. Students


Ph.D. Researchers


Ex-Students and Teachers


Other Institutions and Casual Members




  1. Acquisition, Processing, Organizing and Dissemination information ources
  2. Circulation of print and non-print information sources
  3. Reference Service.
  4. Referral Service.
  5. Reprographic Service.
  6. Inter Library Loan / Resource-sharing.
  7. Book Bank Service.
  8. Book Discount Scheme.
  9. Open Access to students in Reference and Periodical Section.
  10. Library Users Group – providing extra facilities
  11. Reading Hall – accommodating 400 students.
  12. Institutional Repository and In-house Publications.
  13. New Arrival Display / Educational Clipping Board / Employment Notice.



  1. OPAC as a tool for browsing & searching library holdings.

  2. Resource Centre for Visually Challenged Students.

  3. UGC E-Resource Centre – Internet facility free of cost.

  4. E-Library providing E-Books and E-Journals to the readers

  5. Online access to e-resources E-ShodhSindhu / Pearson India / Sage Publ. / McGraw-Hill.

  6. Digital Library providing – 350 Educational CD’s and DVD’s.

  7. Digital Database – 500 rare, valuable books in Commerce & Economics.

  8. Resource Sharing with BCL., MCCIA., MICCA., Jaykar Resource Centre, Gokhale Instt., BORI, B. J. Wadia Library.

  9. CAS services like Current Commerce & Commerce Content.

  10. Research Section with net facility and E-library.

  11. Repository of M.Phil. Dissertations and Ph.D. Theses.

  12. Library Users Orientation Programme.

  13. Competitive Exam Library for students preparing for the exams.

  14. Reading Club.

  15. Book Review’s.

  16. Wall papers on different topics.

  17. Preparing Manuscripts on well-known personalities.

  18. Organizing the Book Exhibition.

  19. Celebrating the days and events.

Computer Center

Here are five computer laboratories with projectors for all the courses. Computer Laboratories are used in shifts by Junior college, Senior College B.Com., BBA, BBA IB, BBA CA and Post Graduate students to learn programming languages (JAVA, PHP, LINUX etc. ) , Tally , Office software and e-learning material. There is separate laboratory to learn languages (German, French, Spanish etc.). All students have free access to internet as well as e-books and journals in Library Computer Laboratory.

Hostel – Gilrs & Boys


  1. Allotment of room will be made by the Chief Rector.
  1. Allotment which is done at the time of commencement of the academic year will ordinally remain unchanged throughout the year, but the changes made as per need and requirement by the Chief Rector during the course of the year are to be accepted by the hostelite’s, local guardian & parents
  1. All matters regarding facilities, maintenance of discipline should be reported in writing to the Chief Rector / Rector ladies hostel.
  1. Good behavior in all respect and serious application to the college studies are expected of every resident student.
  1. The hostelite’s should understand the spirit of the rules and do their best to follow them scrupulously.
  1. The rule / rules are subject to modification, alteration, cancellation etc. by the Chief Rector as per the need & requirements for the administrative purpose.
  1. Foreign students will be admitted only on certain conditions and after written undertaking from them. Foreign students can get information regarding the conditions from the Chief Rector and his decision will be final in this matter.
  1. The hostelite’s should behave in such fashion that the atmosphere in the hostel remains calm and conductive to studies and leading to culture and moral development of their inmates.
  1. Any type of food parcels delivery is not allowed .
  1. When room are required during vacation period for other purposes as per requirement of the college, charge of the room will be taken by the Chief Rector / Rector Ladies Hostel without permission of the hostelite’s place.
  1. Every hostelite;s must possess (wear) I card in hostel premises and must produce immediately if demanded by any authorities / supervisor or peon.
  1. Local guardian/ friends/ guest/ visitors to the Ladies Hostel are allowed only during appointed hours. (10.00 am to 5.00pm) They are not supposed to enter the rooms or hostel building. The hostelite’s should bring this to notice to their local guarding/ parents/ friends/ guests.
  1. Light Fan must be switched off when light is not required or when the student is not in room even for short while. The hostelite’s should not play any type of speakers.
  1. Preparation of any type of food, tea, coffee, etc. Is not allowed in the hostel room
  1. The hostelite’s are advised not to keep any valuable articles or cash in their room. If they do so, it will be entirely at their own risk. No complaint will be entertained by the Rector Ladies hostel / Chief Rector / Hostel Authorities in this matter.
  1. The hostelite’s are not allowed to leave the hostel between 8.00 p.m. to 6.00 a.m. of the next day morning.
  1. The hostelite’s attendance will be marked by their superintendents.at. 8.00 p.m. daily The hostelite’s must be present in their rooms before 10.00 p.m The hostelite’s should not visit any other rooms often at odd hours
  1. A special arrangement of a lady doctor have been made for the girls hostelite’ in the ladies hostel.
  1. If the hostelite’s is not feeling well or having a minor trouble, they must inform to superintendent / Rector, Ladies Hostel / Chief Rector immediately.
  1. If any emergency arises, the Rector, Ladies Hostel, will make speedy arrangements to meet the same. However, expenses on this account will have to be borne by the hostelite’s / local guardian / parents only.
  1. The Hostelite’s mediclaim policy will in force only after completion of documentary part with the policy company by the Rector’s office and it requires about two in force the policy from date of admission to the hostels.
  1. The hostelite’s should remain present for the medical check-up and follow-up which is carried out by the University of Pune, when the day and dates announced by the University of Pune (Students Health Service Scheme) and it is mandatory for all the hostelite’s.
  1. Smoking, alcoholic drinks, chewing of pan, tobacco etc. are not allowed in the hostels premises.
  1. The hostelite’s should take care not to damage, disfigure the hostel equipments, buildings, furniture etc.
  1. The previous permission of the of the Rector, Ladies hostel and / or the Chief Rector should be sought while deciding to go on pleasure trip (excursion) in neighborhood of the Pune. The Chief Rector / Rector, Ladies Hostel will grant permission only if the lady member of the staff of the BMCC accompany the students for such trips.
  1. Any difficulty such as theft, cheating, etc. experienced by a student within or outside the college premise should be reported to the Rector, Ladies Hostel immediately.
  1. If a local guardian desires to invite the ward (hostelite) to stay with him / her at night, the local guardian should apply in writing to the Chief Rector well in advance, giving the reasons for such night out, Chief Rector / Rector, Ladies Hostel may grant permission to stay with the local guardian at night, if reason is found genuine. However, such permission may be granted only in the month.
  1. The hostelite’s should have to do the social work which is carried out by hostel / college authorities.
  1. The hostelite’s should take care to keep clean and neat their rooms and hostel premises.
  1. The hostelite’s should vacate their room within three days after her annual examination is over. If they desire to stay in the hostel for vacation period, the Chief Rector / Rector Ladies Hostel may permit them for genuine reason on payment of vacation fee in advanceIf the hostelite’s is found to have caused damage to hostel properties, all the expenses involved therein will be recovered from the concerned hostelite’s. A fine will be levied and she will be expelled from the hostels. She will not be admitted in hostels for next academic year.
  1. Fine will be charges as per details
Sr No Particulars Amount
1 Late submit out pass (within 2 days) 50.00
2 Not present for Attendance 50.00
3 Late coming after 8,00 p.m. 100.00 & for 1 week in time will be 7.00p.m.
4 Any kind of


  1. Water and electricity are very scare resources. The hostelite’s should use them very economically.
  1. If the hostelite’s is removed / expelled from the hostels for any reason, the fees & deposit paid by her will not be refunded.
  1. If key of room is lost by the student must seek permission from Rector Ladies Hostel / Chief Rector for further necessary arrangements.


Policies and Procedure of Infrastructure Maintenance

Policy Document for Physical Facilities

Procedures and policies for maintaining and utilizing physical, academic and support facilities – laboratory, library, sports complex, computers, classrooms etc.

The College has established systems and procedures to maintain and utilize physical, academic and support facilities

Classrooms :

The college has 34 classrooms spread across four buildings on the campus. Classrooms are allotted to the students and teachers centrally by the time table committee . All classrooms are well ventilated and spacious . The house keeping team takes care of the cleanliness in these classrooms. Three classrooms have digital boards which support the teaching -learning process

Tata hall, Cyrus Poonawalla Hall and BMTRC A/V hall –

These three auditoriums have audio visual facilities. Tata hall has a seating capacity of 400 people. Cyrus hall can accommodate 150 people and BMTRC hall has the capacity of 50 people. Curricular and co- curricular activities are conducted here .

The auditoriums have to be booked by the concerned department well in advance with the Registrar of the office.

Library building:

BMCC has a stand- alone big library building on its campus with a good collection of books. The library systems are well designed by the committee. It is open for faculty and students from 8 a.m to 6 p.m . Students have to carry their identity card and library card for issue of books. Reading hall is open to students for academic purposes . Meeting hall is available to the teachers for their general/research work. An entry register is maintained at the entrance of the library. All books are to be registered by the library staff before issuing Library committee prepares its budget well in advance and submits it to the Principal . Once sanctioned ,then purchases are made every year. Old books are weeded out.

Stock taking is done every year Penalty for late return is charged to the students and faculty. The building is kept clean by its staff
Similarly Gymkhana facilities, computer laboratories and Pittie Hall for cultural students are well utilized and maintained.

Ladies Hostel and Boys hostel have rectors who are responsible for the discipline and overall administration .


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