Astitva 2019 organized by Heritage Collective was indeed a blockbuster event this year. It was the 10th year of the fest and hence the students and the staff members under the guidance of the Principal put in their indefatigable efforts to make this event a grand success. The fest was held on 20th and 21st August and the theme was Cinematic Heritage of India. There were 12 events conducted under Astitva 2019 including the academic essay, quiz, performing arts like singing, instrumental and dance, fine arts like painting, sketching and creative arts like mehndi, hair styling and makeup, and photography. The newly introduced 10 Seconds Film showcased films on various social issues like corruption, environment, addiction, peer pressure, gender equality to name a few . Panache the fashion show showcased some of the rich textiles and dresses of various states of India. More than 1600 students from over 60 colleges from different streams participated to showcase their talent and creativity .

The event was inaugurated by the eminent Indian classical singer Shri Rahul Deshpande on 20th August (first day) who emphasized on the importance of classical music in making us more compassionate human beings. He also urged the students to compete only with themselves and not with others to achieve their goals in life. Astitva 2019 events were judged by eminent people who excel in their respective fields like Ramdas Palsule, Satish Paknikar, Tejasavini Sathe , Arundhati Patwardhan,Jitendra Bhuruk to name a few who also guided the participants towards excellence.

Astitva always has had a definite purpose of promoting Indian heritage and national pride. Social outreach has also been an important component of the event. Like previous years, this year too student volunteers set up stalls for the sale of products made by the NGOs like Niwaant, Nirmaya Trust, Prism Foundation, Seva Sahayog and Melghat Sampoorna Bamboo Kendra and for the information about Teach for India.

Astitva also provided an opportunity to our budding BMCCpreneurs to hone their entrepreneurial skills by setting up stalls of food, art, games etc.


Troika means merging of three different activities.
○Business Talent Hunt
○Beyond Horizon

● these activities which were previously held separately were merged into one activity.

●It is an annual activity whereby intercollegiate competitions are held. Participants are invited from various colleges for different indoor and outdoor competitions. A different theme is used every year for this event. Students make designs, posters, cutouts, models etc. to represent these themes. They are displayed all over in the campus. The event is usually held for 2 days every year in the month of January. The different events are designed by students in with teacher’s guidance. The winning teams are awarded with prizes in the form of trophies, certificates and also cash prize. It is a very popular activity of the college. Apart from this student organize Bike Show, activities for NGO children,

●The events in Troika
○Group Discussion
○Mock Stock
○Creative Writing
○Treasure Hunt
○Entertainment Block
○Mad Ads
○Street Play



BMCC’s cultural department students throughout the year to excel in drama and dance competitions. Here are some award wining moments in the academic year 2019-20.

Brihan Maharashtra College of Commerce participates in various cultural activities throughout the year. We are glad to inform you about our participation in various Dance, Drama and Music competitions and Awards won for the same.
The first competition of the year was ’Symbiosis Karandak’ In which we performed a Natyavachan called ‘One for the Road’ Which was written by Yogesh Sapre and directed by Shreesh Ratnaparkhi and both of them received a consolation prize for the same. The same Natyavachan was performed for ‘Udgaar karandak’ and Yogesh sapre won consolation prize for writing. The next competition of the year was the prestigious ‘Purushottam karandak’ in which the play ‘Man ki baat’ was performed and Tanvi Pimpalkhare received a consolation prize for acting. We also participated in a unique improvisation competition called ‘Sanwad karandak’ in which the team won third prize for the performance and Tanvi Pimpalkhare won a consolation prize for acting. The play ‘kunitari pahila hava’ also  won several awards. In ‘Rangasangeet karandak’, we received a second prize for the performance and Stimit Sane won a consolation prize for acting and Kshitij Bhat won an award of Best harmonium player. In ‘Ahmadnagar mahakarandak’ Yogesh Sapre and Rashmi Ghan won a consolation prize for writing, Stimit Sane for acting and Tanmay Bhagwat and Kshitij Bhat for best music. Our team won a special mention in ‘Natyadarpan karandak’ and third Prize in ‘Loksatta Lokankika’. In ‘Akshar karankdak’, the team received first prize while Himanshu Borkar and Yogesh sapre won best director award, Rashmi Ghan and Yogesh Sapre won second prize for writing, Kshitij bhat, Yogesh Sapre for best music, Stimit Sane won consolation prize for acting and Nikita Jadhav and Sakshi Mokadam won a prize for Costume design. ‘Kunitari Pahila Hava’ was also selected for the prestigious ‘Savai karandak’ where Rashmi Ghan and Yogesh Sapre won an award for best direction. The play ‘Dil kya cheez hain’ based on the life of Madhubala bagged 2nd prize in ‘Firodiya karandak’ where Ameya Sakhare was nominated for best director award, Sakshi Mokadam was nominated for best Actor award, Shreesh Ratnaparkhi and Swapnil Ware were nominated for Best shadowplay, While Rashmi Ghan received a prize for best portrait painting and Tanvi Pimpalkhare and Anaya Pendse won first prize for costume design. Our Music group also received many prizes in the same competition. Ninad Joglekar and Prajakta Mane won second prize in the ‘Light Music’ category, Kshitij bhat won first prize for the keyboard, Tanmay Bhagwat and Yogesh Sapre won second prize for ‘ Bharatiya Taalwadan’ and Aniket Kathale won 2nd prize for the ‘base guitar’. In addition to this, we won best classical dance prize in the same competition.
This year has been a gigantic wave of fun and victories for our dance team as well. With the sincere practices and efforts throughout the year, the team has truly outdone itself.
For COEP Impressions, held in December 2019, We enrolled ourselves for Street Forward, Swagdesi and Nrityangana i.e the dance styles Hip Hop, Bollywood and Classical respectively. We won the first prize for Street Forward (Hip Hop) and the second prize for the other two styles. Having participated in other various college dance competitions, we won the first prize for MIT Enthusia, Bollywood dancing in Christ College and Bollywood dancing in Infinity 2019 held by Ness Wadia College. In Indira College’s Gusto Streets, we secured the second prize and the third prize in NIEM’s Grooves and Moves.
Not only did we participate in these competitions but the team also took part in various categories in Mood Indigo IIT Bombay, which is said to be Asia’s largest college cultural festival. We made it to the Semi finals of Mood Indigo Desi Beats and Finals of Mood Indigo Beat the Street.
All this has been possible because of constant support and cooperation provided by the college and the endless efforts of everyone of us. May it be drama, music or dance, everyone’s opinions and inputs have contributed in different and wonderful ways!

Patriotic Events


A Cross – Cultural Activity was organized on 15 February, 2020 for the students of S.Y.Bcom by the Business Communication faculty which included Dr. Rajeshree Gokhale ,Dr. Kuchekar, Prof. Neetika Sharma. The number of student participants were around 520 . The students participated with full enthusiasm and portrayed various cultures from India and outside India through dance, mime, skit,poetry, presentation and food stalls. All the students got to experience skills such as leadership skills, management skills and communication skills.
Everyone present there got to learn about the various cultures which were showcased by the students. The spirit of togetherness was very well exhibited by the students as well as the faculty throughout the activity. The activity was very encouraging and turned out to be a successful event.

Ted x

Tree Plantation

Sarpotdar Karandak



The Brihan Maharashtra College of Commerce, through its Business Practices Department,under the guidance of Dr.
Rajeshree Gokhale, Prof. Neetika Sharma, organized “ICE”- celebrating entrepreneurship, an entrepreneurship summit to
instill the entrepreneurial spirit in the students. This was the second year of ICE.

On the 10th of February,the T.Y.B.Com. Entrepreneurship students arranged team building exercises for the First and
Second year students. These exercises included games like Roll and Run, Skipping, Brick Walk and Snaphunt. In Roll and
Run, all the team members’ hands were interlocked with one another and they had to run and roll through hurdles in
front of them. This game tested their coordination, teamwork, communication skilland their sense of direction. The
second game was Skipping, in which the participants had to skip together in order to avoid falling. This game tested their
patience, cooperation with the team members and perseverance. In Brick Walk, the participants had to clear a track
made of bricks by walking over them carefully without falling. This game taught them how to depend of the team and
how to support and motivate the team. In the last game, Snaphunt, the participants were given a piece of paper which
had clues to certain places in the college campus and the goal was to find the maximum number of places. This game
tested their mental awareness and their observance. These team building exercises and activities were a huge success.
Over 60 students from the First and Second year participated in these activities.

On 11th February, the second day of the entrepreneurship summit we had invited entrepreneurs like SachinMalpani and
RadhikaNaware and BMCCpreneurs like AlokThakar and KrishikeshKhairnar.

Our first speaker was Ms. RadhikaNaware, who is the owner of Treasured Holidays, which is a company involved in
planning of tours, to those corners of our country which are packed with ancient cultures. She then shared her journey of
how she came upon the idea for her business and how she transformed this idea into a business.

The second speaker was Mr. SachinMalpaniwho is the managing director of Bakelite Food Processing Pvt. Ltd. Mr.
Malpani gave a very inspiring and encouraging insight to all the students on entrepreneurship and how to pursue it. He
explained his story and all the downfalls that he had to face while starting his own business. He encouraged the students
and explained how hard work always pays off.

Our next guest, a BMCC Alumni, Mr. AlokThakar runs a family operated restaurant called Damodar P30. He talked about how he brought a few little changes in the existing family business which took it to a different level. The journey that he
shared with the students taught one thing which was that the smallest of ideas can completely transform the bigger

Our last and final speaker for the day was also another BMCC Alumni, Mr. KrishikeshKhairnar, the CEO and director
Khairnar Technologies. He talked about his entire life’s journey and how his passion as a child was transformed into a
business. He has also cofounded a few other companies which are successfully running businesses today.
The second day ended with a discussion between the speakers and the students.

The second day ended with a discussion between the speakers and the students. This event turned out to be a huge
success because of the hard work put in by the organizing team of students and teachers which was headed by
MihirKapileshwar. We thank Principal Dr Chandrakant Rawal for his constant encouragement and Dr Rajesh Kuchekar for
his support to the activity.


Student Welfare

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Faculty Development

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National Event

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Award and Achievement

Nature Club

Every year BMCC organizes Annual days to make student feel enthusiastic and to come out of the study zone and enjoy at high level.

Days like Saree and Tie Day , Traditional Day , Group Colour Day , Black and white day are held every year at BMCC.

BMCC not only organize these day but also keeps exciting prices and honor to the best costumes and best looks.

This year’s annual days held on 21st and 22nd April 2022.
Students enjoyed at high level during these days and won prizes.

This years best outfits and looks have been awarded with great honor.

Saree day and tie day winners ;-

  1. Shruti Supekar
  2. Tanay Sabnis

Traditional Day winners ;-

  1. Muskan Thange
  2. Dinanath shedge

Prize distribution ceremony held at Principal office in the presence of Dr. Seema purohit , Principal
Dr. Ashish Puranik and Dr. Jagdeesh Lanjekar , Vice Principal
Dr. Preeti Rajguru , Controller of Examination.
Dr. Yashodhan Mahajan , Head of accounts department.

BMCC student council General Secretary Akshay Khollam and his team with Snehal Rathod were also present .
Non teaching staff was also there for all the help needed.
Congratulations to the winners and Thanks to all.