Guidelines For Senior College B.Com.


B.Com. Degree of 120 Credits (2017 Pattern), B.Com 133 credits (Revised 2017 Pattern)

Guidelines for students

1.  Minimum Credits required to claim degree is 120(2017 Pattern ), 133 (Revised 2017).

2. Regular Courses: Courses from regular timetable of the college

3.  Skill Courses: Courses other than regular timetable of the college. It consists of Experiential Learning Departments and other skill courses approved by the GB of Autonomous BMCC.

4.  Regular Courses

  1. Compulsory Courses
  2. Elective Courses

5.  Compulsory Course are those which does not have any option.

6.  Elective Courses are those where students have options to select any of the course of their choice based on availability and merit  of specific elective course.

B.Com. 2017 Sem.I Sem.II Sem.III Sem.IV Sem.V Sem.VI Total
Regular 21 21 18 18 18 18 114


B.Com. Rev 2017 SEM I Sem.II Sem.III Sem.IV Sem.V Sem.VI Total
Regular 22 22 20 21 21 21 127
ACCA 22 22 23 24 21 21 133

7.  A Student has to mandatorily appear for EVS course in S.Y.B.Com. for 1 credit.

8. Total credit from Regular courses is
2017 Pattern : 114 credit+ 1 of EVS =115 Credits.
Revised 2017 Pattern : 127 credit+ 1 of EVS =128 Credits.

9.  A student needs to achieve 114 or 127 credits for claiming the Degree. The Gap of 5 credits should be filled by the students from skill courses.

10.  A choice is given by the college for 5 credits of skill courses.

11.  The credits of Skill Courses can be acquired either from Experiential Learning Departments or by opting for Skill Courses.

12.  A student has to earn these 5 credits from skill courses or Experiential Learning Departments during the tenure of 3 years of the Degree Program.

13.  The enrollment to these Experiential Learning Departments depends on the basis of selection through procedure declared by the respective departments.

14.  The academic Council and Governing Body of Autonomous BMCC approved the following departments to offer Experiential Learning credits. (REFER Extra credit department)

15.  Skill Courses are approved by the Academic Council and the Governing Body of Autonomous BMCC. (REFER Extra credit Courses)

16.  The fees for skill courses is approved by the Finance Committee and any revision in fees will be declared from time to time. Batches of such skill courses will be announced by the respective co-coordinators skill courses from time to time.

17.  The CGPA will be calculated on the basis of regular courses only.

18.  Skill courses and Experiential Learning Departments’ credits will be evaluated on basis of grades.

19.  The skill courses and Experiential Learning Departments’ credits will be declared on the transcript of students.

20.  The Degree will be issued by Savitribai Phule Pune University (SPPU) and mark sheet will be issued by BMCC.

21.  Specialization / Electives

A student can select his special subject for B.Com. in Second Year i.e. Sem. III.  There are eight special subjects offered by BMCC for B.Com. Course.

1)      Business Statistics

2)      Business Entrepreneurship

3)      Business Administration

4)      CostAccounting

5)      Marketing

6)      Banking

7)      StrategicFinance

8)      InternationalFinance

Selected Elective subject cannot be changed for the next 4 semesters.

A student has to qualify in all six papers in the special subject selected by him.

22.Strategic Finance specialization is introduced with existing specializations in BMCC. This is introduced as an additional specialization in the year 2018-19 A student has to pay additional fees for the same.

23. Another specialization of International Finance has introduced from Academic Year of 2018-19. Syllabus, evaluation pattern of ‘International Finance’ is approved by the Academic Council and Governing Body of Autonomous BMCC.