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BVOC in Filmmaking & Dramatics


Our Education & it’s employability is always questioned & divorced relations. Academic courses have lost their sheen. More & more students are finding it difficult to get ‘Employed’ even after the post-graduation.
Classroom training is focused more on Teaching than enhancing the Learning. Our training is very little applicable in the professional industry and the real life.
BMCC wants to bridge this gap and offers on-project training programme that can boost the employability quotient and help students to find a rewarding job immediately after their training.
BVOC FMD is not merely an academic course but it’s a Professional Skills Development Programme with the Industrial interface right from the beginning.
The new ‘National Education Policy’ is focused on developing vocational skills. One of the mandates is to develop National Occupational Standards (NOSs) for various job roles in their respective industries.


Along with an highest academic excellence, we at BMCC, have developed a rich & glorious culture of Art, Drama, Music & Dance. Our students are leaders in the performing art which leads to an exceptional professional & human skills. They had won almost all Intercollegiate competitions in ‘art & culture’ at state & national level with a recognition of extraordinary performances.  Considering such a long & an exceptional tradition of our ‘Cultural department’, we launch various professional courses in filmmaking & dramatics.

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Vision & Mission

Shaping Media as a Social Engineer
  • We shall develop future media to play the role of a Social Engineer to perfection.
  • We believe in the immense power of and the positive role the Media, which can play in Nation building and Social transformation.
  • We shall empower ‘generation next’ with the right knowledge and skills, to shoulder this responsibility in a more conscious, determined and responsible Media Professionals.

BMCC BVOC department will provide a strong platform to train and nurture our next generations for the upcoming invasions and challenges in our skies. DES shall maintain its high reputation of Academic & Professional Excellence along with the Creative, Technical and Professional Excellence in Media.

Unique Features

Entire Filmmaking & Dramatics process has been well defined and designed through more than 150 assignments and projects by legendary media experts. Enables to develop a strong portfolio under the guidance of media mentors.

  • First BVOC Graduation course in Filmmaking & Dramatics
  • BVOC- UGC approved graduation course
  • It’s a Professional Skills development programme
  • It’s a self-learning process and not teaching
  • Professional leaders as a Trainers
  • No Classroom training
  • On-Project training and continuous evaluation
  • Industrial interface and internship
  • State of Art studios and Latest technology
  • Professional work culture by Channel simulation training
  • Track record of successful placement.
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Salient Features

  • Our training will be the benchmark for the Film-TV-Theatre Industry – by the end of the training period, you will be able to compete for jobs in your chosen specialisation; you can stand in the industry with great confidence and pride.
  •  As a trainee you’ll have a breadth of experience at the beginning of your career
  • Trainees will receive high quality, formal skills training from industry leaders as well as a range of innovative and varied development opportunities.
  • We followed a structured personal development plan with clearly defined learning objectives and regular appraisals
  • Structured skills training integrated with personal development plans
    Mentors and scheme managers who will actively support your development and review your progress against    objectives.
  • Face-to-face courses with relevant work placements and projects.
  • Opportunities to join in exciting new ways of learning – from one-off information updates through to  seminars and master classes.

Method of Learning

Real world learning and not just bookish knowledge.

BMCC BVOC will be a media centre of learning. We impart real world learning and not just bookish knowledge. The curriculum is application based and involves a participatory approach. There won’t be any passive listeners here, everyone would be actively participating. The idea is to train you to become a professional at the end of your course so that depending on which programme you choose, you are ready to produce /create Films, Drama or TV serials.


On-project training

We offers you a unique opportunity of having over 150 live projects in your professional portfolio during your learning here. This is proof of the highly practical design of the course you will be taken through at our centre. It is also why most of you stand a good chance of being handpicked by the best in the industry for a job immediately after you successfully complete the requirements of the course. The project can be worked on either in English or your mother tongue.

Method of Evaluation

Continuous evaluation pattern we practice a continuous evaluation pattern. Learning by rote does not find a place in our methodology. Your knowledge and whether you can put it to use on real world projects will be tested here. Every quarter will end with term-end exams. The course design is predominantly based on practical. The assessment will be conducted on a regular basis giving due weightage to participation in class discussion, written reports, assignments, projects and term-end examinations after every quarter. There will be a VIVA at the end of each module for all courses. Surprise tests may also be conducted frequently. Most of these will be open book tests that will test your understanding of the subject. This way we ensure that you are truly fit to enter the media world and start delivering on day one to the organization you join.

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Full time service concept. 24/7 service

24X7 Media Centre

BMCC BVOC offers a state-of-the-art Media Centre to all its students. This Media Centre that is open 24 x 7 houses the latest equipment, tools and technology required in the industry. There is a full-fledged studio, an Edit Bay, a Green Room, world-class digital equipment and editing software. Students have full access to BMCC library housing more than 500 titles and reference material exclusively on Professional media.

Professional Faculties

All our faculty members are renowned professionals with minimum 10-15 years of hard core industry experience. This ensures we maintain the 80: 20 ratio between practical and theory, which is what it takes for you to be counted in this competitive world.



Script writing
Art Direction

Our Board of Studies members



Dr. Seema Purohit Principal, BMCC
Mr. Vikram Gokhle Legendary Actor, Director
Mr. Abhiram Bhadkamkar Renowned writer, director
Mr. Sharad Ponkshye Veteran Actor
Dr. Madhavi Reddy HOD, DMCS, Pune University
Mr. Yogesh Soman Renowned Director-Actor
Mr. Praveen Tarde Renowned Director-Writer-Actor
Mr. Digpal Lanjekar Renowned Director-Actor-Writer
Mr. Sachin Wagh Renowned Director-Editor
Mr. Aditya Sarpotdar Renowned Director
Mrs. Chinamyee Sumit Renowned Actor
Mr. Girish Kemkar Director, DES Institute of Film & Television
Mr. Prashant Gokhale Director, JRVGTI
Dr. Ashish Puranik Vice Principal, BMCC