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About Deccan Education Society

DECCAN EDUCATION SOCIETY, PUNE , the parent body of Brihan Maharashtra College of Commerce, is a venerable name in the educational firmament of our country. Born out of the lofty ideals and the intense desire of four firebrand, nationalist, young men barely in their twenties and thirties, who believed in education as the best means to bring about social transformation of the Indian populace and political emancipation from the yoke of foreign rule, the Deccan Education Society has been rendering yeoman service to the nation for well over a century. Ever since its inception,

“Facilitating and cheapening education” has been the mission of the Society which it has been pursuing with steadfast determination and uncompromising commitment.

Bal Gangadhar Tilak
Mahadeo Ballal Namjoshi
Vishnushastri Chiplunkar
Gopal Ganesh Agarkar
Vamanrao Apte

The four young men – Bal Gangadhar Tilak ( popularly known as ” Lokmanya ” and acknowledged as one of the leading figures of the freedom movement), Gopal Ganesh Agarkar (the great social reformer), Vishnushastri Chiplunkar (the doyen of Marathi literature) and Mahadev Ballal Namjoshi a well-known social worker) – had nothing to offer except their firm belief in the chosen goal, an abiding faith , honesty of purpose and steadfast determination. India was then a loose amalgamation of politically fragmented and economically impoverished princely states under an exploitative foreign rule. Further, it was steeped in debilitating traditions, as a result of which the public masses had unconsciously developed an in-built mechanism to resist any meaningful reforms. It was, therefore, the most appropriate decision on the part of these four action-oriented social thinkers to launch an educational movement to bring about an awakening among the masses. The result was the founding of the Deccan Education Society on the 24th October, 1884 – the auspicious day of Vijaya Dashami (“Dashehra”).

In the establishment of the Deccan Education Society, these men of vision saw the great potential of education as the emancipator of the masses, bringing in them a new awakening. Such was the dynamic driving force of these founders that within less than three months of the founding of the Society, the Fergusson College was started on the 2nd of January, 1885.

The next few years witnessed rapid expansion of the Society’s activities by way of the growth and development of the existing institutions, and starting new ones in and outside Pune. The Deccan Education Society always remained alert to the changing needs of the larger social set up for which and within which it functioned.

Deccan Education Society, Pune was established in 1884 and registered on 13th August 1885 and by four patriotic visionaries- Vishnu Shastri Chiplunkar, Bal Gangadhar Tilak, Gopal Ganesh Agarkar and Mahadeo Ballal Namjoshi-who were already recognized as the pioneers of new education in India with the Launch of New English School in Pune in the year 1880. This was a revolutionary step, because in those days Government Institutions and Christian Missionaries were the only agencies involved in educating masses. Private enterprise in education was often discouraged. It was also pointed out by these Nationalists that there was no education available to generate leadership, for industrial regeneration of India, or for defense of the motherland i.e. education Required by the people of a self – governing nation. it was the idea of filling these voids that the DES came in to existence. In the view of its founders, Education was the means of rousing-the intellect, the drooping will and the slumbering conscience of their fallen countrymen. They began with a modest aim of facilitating education at low costs by starting schools and colleges.

In the year 1885, the renowned Fergusson College was started. in the year1919, DES established Willingdon College in The southern region of Maharashtra at Sangli on a 125 acre campus. Recognizing the need for commerce Education, the society started Brihan Maharashtra College of commerce in 1943 in follwed by Chintamanarao College of Commerce in Sangli in 1960. In the year 1954, Kirti M Doongursee College was established in Mumbai. The Society entered in the field of technical education too with the launch of Technical Institute in Pune (1937). DES started management institute viz.  IMDR in 1974 at Pune and IMR at Sangli in 1996, the year 2003 witnessed addition of DES Law College and the year 2007 DES started Physiotherapy College. DES also runs an autonomous institute in the field of Vocational Training at Pune. With a view to imparting basic education, the Society has started many schools at various places in the state. The DES management is trying to expand its educational activities as per the requirements of the society in general, guided and aided by educationists, visionaries, philanthropists and ex-students, in order to pursue its goal ‘Knowledge is Power’.

Deccan Education Society, Pune
Council Members

Dr. Kunte Sharad Shrikrishna

Lomte Vishram Vijay

Kulkarni Amit Ashok

Palande Ashok Ramrao

Agarkhedkar Sharad Ramkrishna

Palekar Ajit Janardan

Ranpise Khemraj Baban

Mujumdar Madhusudan Mukund

Apte Nitin Mahadev

Sathe Prachee Milind

Thakar Rajashree Abhay

Athavale Mahesh Anant

Phadke Sagar Shripad

Joshi Anant Hari

Rawat Pramod Trimbak

Kamble Milind Mahadev

Vaze Chandrashekhar Prabhakar

Gokhale Adesh Hari


The Brihan Maharashtra College of Commerce (BMCC) is a pioneering, premier degree commerce college in India, situated in the city of Pune, Maharashtra. The College was established in 1943 by the Deccan Education Society with a view to providing enlightened leadership and trained manpower in the field of commerce and business to the country which was on the threshold of independence. The college is affiliated with the University of Pune and has produced many notable leaders, businessmen and industrialists like Sharad Pawar, Dr.Cyrus Poonawalla & Sulajja Firodia.

Prof. D. G. Karve, a renowned Economist and some time Deputy Governor of the Reserve Bank of India was the First Principal of the College. Situated at the foot of the rugged Fergusson College Hill and dotted with lush green trees and shrubs all around, it has a most picturesque and inviting atmosphere. BMCC has recently earned the award of ‘College with potential for excellence’ from UGC.

BMCC History

Prof. D. G. Karve, a renowned economist and former Deputy Governor of the Reserve Bank of India was the First Principal of the College. After Prof. Karve several able, dedicated and distinguished Principals played a very significant role in the development of BMCC.

Prin. S. V. Kogekar, Prin. Dr. T. M. Joshi, Prin. N. A. Mavlankar, Prin. Dr. N. K. Kulkarni and Prin. Dr. C. G. Vaidya, played pivotal role in development of the college.


The emblem of Deccan Education Society is depicted here. The Eagle with uplifted wings symbolizes high aspirations ; the knot at its feet stands for unity.

The “Shree” verhead represents material prosperity and the crescent moon is a symbol of international contact through foreign commerce. The “Shree”and the crescent are special features symbolizing the characteristics of this college.

It is an adaptation for this institution of the basic emblem of the D. E. Society.

Mission Statement of BMCC

” To make a citizen of India as fully endowed

  • Materially
  • Intellectually and
  • Morally

as the citizens of the most advanced country of the world is our collective aim. All activities connected with the College will be consciously correlated to this declared objective of the society.”

( From the speech of Prin. D.G. Karve, First Principal of BMCC, June 1943 )

College Development Committee Members

1. Shri.Sagar S. Phadke 

4. Shri.Mahesh Athavale

7. Dr. Dileep Deodhar, Nominee(Social Services)


13. Dr. Smt.R.D.Gokhale, Teaching Representative

16. Smt.M.T.Pawar, Non-Teaching Representative

19. Prof.Smt.Bharati Upadhye, Permanent Invitee

2. Dr. V. V. Acharya 

5. Shri.Nitin Apte, Secretary 

8. Smt.Shilpa Patwardhan, Nominee 

11. Dr.A.M.Puranik

14.Prof.Smt.P.R.Rajguru, Teaching Representative

17. Shri.S.G.Gosavi, Invitee

3. Shri. Jagadish Kadam 

6. Shri.Badrinath Murthy, Nominee (Industry)

9. Shri. S. S. Sable, Nominee 

12. Dr. S.V.Waghmare, Teaching Representative

15. Prof. Y.P.Mahajan, HOD

18. Dr.Smt.V.H.Deshpande, IQAC , Coordinator, Invitee

20. Prin.Dr.Seema Purohit, Secretary

Junior College Committee

1. Shri.Sagar S. Phadke

4. Shri.Jagadish Kadam

7. Prin.Dr.C.N.Rawal, Secretary

2.Dr. V.V.Acharya

5. Dr. J.R.Lanjekar, Permanent Invitee

8. Smt.Rajani Tambe 

3. Shri.Mahesh Athavale

6. Shri.S.G.Gosavi, Invitee

Finance committees

1. Prin.Dr.Seema U. Purohit

4. Dr.Smt.V.H.Deshpande, IQAC Co-ordinator

7. Shri.S.G.Gosavi, Registrar

10. Dr.J.R.Lanjekar, Special Invitee

2. Shri.Sagar Phadke, Chairman GB of Autonomous BMCC

5. Prof.Smt.Bharati Upadhye, Teacher

8. Smt.S.D.Dodke, Accountant

11. Dr.D.A.Kulkarni, Secretary

3. CS Mahesh Athavale, Management

6. Prof.Y.P.Mahajan, Teacher

9. Shri.R.B.Shinde, Accountant


1. Prin. Dr. Mrs. Seema Purohit – Chair Person

4. Dr. R.P. Kuchekar – Member

7. Dr. P.V. Sathe – Member

10. Dr. Shilpi Lokare – Member

2. Dr. S. V. Waghmare – Secretary

5. Dr. V.H. Deshpande – Member

8. Dr. A. S. Bagwan – Member

11. Shri. A. A. Salmpure – Member

3. Dr. Bharati Upadhye – Member

6. Dr. D.U. Powdel – Member

9. Dr. M.V. Gokhale – Member

12. Shri. S. R. Salve – Member

Academic Council Committee Members

Dr.Seema Purohit, Chairman

Shri.Sagar Phadake, Management

Dr.D.R.Mane, SPPU Nominee

Dr.Yashodhan Mithare, SPPU Nominee

Dr.Nitin Ghorpade, SPPU Nominee

Ms.Divya Garware, Industrial Expert

Dr.P.V.Sathe, HOD


Dr.Y.P.Mahajan, HOD

CA Vinayak Govilkar, Industrial Expert

CMA Milind Date, Industrial Expert

Dr.J.R.Lanjekar, HOD

Prof.Bharati Upadhye, HOD

Dr.S.H.Nirmale, HOD

 Prof.Vinaya Hasamnis, HOD

Dr.R.D.Gokhale, HOD

Prof.R.P.Kuchekar, HOD

Dr.Shilpi Lokare, HOD

Dr.V.H.Deshpande, IQAC-Coordinator

 Dr.S.V.Waghmare, Vice Principal

Dr.A.M.Puranik, Vice Principal

Dr.D.U.Powdel, Secretary

Planning and Evaluation Committee

1. Prin.Dr.C.N.Rwal, Chairman (till 31.12.2020)

4. Dr.VarshaH.Deshpadne, IQAC Co-ordinator

7. Smt.Bharati Upadhye, Co-ordinator, BBA Course

2. Srhi.Sagar Phadke, Chairman CDC, BMCC, Management

5. Dr.A.M.Puranik, Vice Principal

8. Smt.Vinaya Hasamnis, Co-ordinator BCA Course

3. Dr.V.V.Acharya, Management

6. Dr.S.V.Waghmare, Vice Principal

Grievance and Redress al Committee

Examination committee

1. Dr. Seema Purohit, Chairman

4. Dr. S. H. Nirmale, BOS – Language Studies

7. Mrs. V. M. Hasamnis, BOS – Computer Application

10. Dr. A. M. Puranik, Vice-Principal

2. Prof. Preeti Rajguru, Controller of Examination

5. Dr. V. H. Deshpande, BOS – Experiential Learning

8. Dr. J. R. Lanjekar, Vice-Principal

11. Prof. Bharati Upadhye, Assistant COE

3. Dr. P. V. Sathe, BOS – Accountancy

6. Dr. R. D. Gokhale, BOS – Business Studies

9. Dr. S. V. Waghmare, Vice-Principal

Admission Committee

1. Dr. Seema Purohit, Chairman

4. Dr. J. R. Lanjekar, Vice-Principal

7. Mrs. Bharati Upadhye, In charge BBA ,BBA IB,PGDBF,PGDIB

10. Vaishali Kondhalkar, Senior College Commerce

13. Nilesh Ovhal, Research Department Admission

2. Sagar Phadake, Chairman CDC

5. Dr. S. V. Waghmare, Vice-Principal

8. Dr. P. V. Sathe, Research Co-ordinator

11. Omkar Kaldhonkar, Senior College Commerce

3. Dr. V. H. Deshpande, IQAC Co-ordinator

6. Dr. A. M. Puranik, Vice-Principal

9. Mrs. Vinaya Hasamnis, In charge BBA CA ,PGDBDA

12. Minakshi Marathe, Professional Courses Admission


1. Prin. Dr. Mrs. Seema Purohit – Chair Person

4. Dr. R.P. Kuchekar – Member

7. Dr. P.V. Sathe – Member

10. Dr. Shilpi Lokare – Member

2. Dr. S. V. Waghmare – Secretary

5. Dr. V.H. Deshpande – Member

8. Dr. A. S. Bagwan – Member

11. Shri. A. A. Salmpure – Member

3. Dr. Bharati Upadhye – Member

6. Dr. D.U. Powdel – Member

9. Dr. M.V. Gokhale – Member

12. Shri. S. R. Salve – Member

Student welfare committee

Sexual harassment committee

1. Dr.Varsha H. Deshpande, Chairman

4. Smt. Manjiri T. Pawar, Non-Teaching member

7. Nitika Sharma, Research Students

10. Anushka Pawar, BBA(CA) student

2. Smt. Preeti R. Rajguru, Teaching Member

5. Shri. Omkar V. Kaldhonkar, Non-Teaching member

8. Riya Bedekar, M.Com. Student

3. Dr. Rajashree D. Gokhale, Teaching Member

6. Adv. Pranita Jadhav, Social Worker

9. Asmita Rasal, B.Com. student

Extra curricular activities committee

Academic Audit Committee

1. Prin.Dr.C.N.Rwal, Chairman (till 31.12.2020)

4. Dr.VarshaH.Deshpadne, IQAC Co-ordinator

2. Dr.Prashant Sathe, Professor

5. Smt. Sonal Apte, Assistant Professor

3. Dr.A.M.Puranik, Vice Principal

6. Smt.Bageshree Deo, Teaching Associate

BMCC Governing Body Committee Members

1.Shri.Sagar Phadke, Chairman GB

2.Dr.V.V.Acharya, Management

3.CS M.A.Athavale, Management

4.Shri. Jagadish Kadam, Management

5.Dr.Ms.Shimla, UGC Nominee

6.Dr.Mohan Khatal, Government Nominee
(Jr. Director Higher Education, Pune Region)

7.Dr.Sanjay Kaptan, SPPU Nominee

8.Dr.S.V.Waghmare, Teacher

9.Dr.Smt.R.D.Gokhale, Teacher

10.Smt.P.R.Rajguru, Teacher

11.Shri.S.G.Gosavi, Non-Teaching

12.Dr.Varsha Deshpande, IQAC


13.Dr.J.R.Lanjekar, Invitee

14.Dr.A.M.Puranik, Invitee

15.Prin.Dr.Seema Purohit, Secretary

Principal's Desk

Dear Student,

With great pleasure and privilege I extend my best wishes to you all. BMCC is a premier Institute with a great scholastic tradition of more than six decades. The students of BMCC have been performing at all levels with outstanding success. It has produced a large number of students who have rendered yeoman’s service in different walks of national life. The present students of BMCC have kept the torch of excellence burning bright even to this date in academics, sports and cultural events

Our parent body, Deccan Education Society, is entering the post centennial silver jubilee year. On this auspicious occasion, I appeal you to continue the rich heritage of the society in academics entrepreneurship and social service.

We aspire to acquire excellence by way of introducing new areas of Commerce education and providing support facilities to students.

Perspective Plan
Dr. Seema Purohit
Principal – BMCC

June 2020

Launching Of BMS course in Association with Logistic Sector Council

January 2020

Inauguration of Boys Hostel & Bhumipujan Ceremony

Nov 2019

International Conference on Multidisciplinary Research in Sustainable Development

June 2018

B.Com. with ACCA started

Jan 2019

National Conference on 'Sustainable Development - Swami Vivekanand's Contribution'

June 2019

Centre for External B.Com. SPPU started

June 2018

Ted X was organised

January 2018

International Conference on Internationalization of Commerce and Management Education

July 2017

Autonomous Status by UGC

December 2014

Received Grant Rs. 1.5 Cr.under CPE from UGC

January 2015

Best College Award by SPPU

February 2017

Principal Dr.C.N.Rawal honored with the “Best Principal Award” by SPPU

September 2014

Inauguration of Ladies Hostel Building. Chief Guest: Nirmala Sitharaman, Minister-Ministry of Commerce & Industries

October 2012

Inauguration of Computer Laboratory in Library Building :Chief Guest, Hon'ble Mr. Prithviraj Chavan Chief Minister Maharashtra.

June 2012

MCA (Commerce) course of University of Pune was launched

2008- 2009

Construction of Dr. Cyrus Poonawalla Conference Hall.

Sept 2010

Dr. C.N.Rawal took over the charge as Principal.

December 2010

Additional Grant of Rs. 50 Lacs received from UGC under CPE Scheme

2008 - 2009

Construction of new building with classrooms and a computer laboratory for professional and regular courses.

2007 - 2008

Permanent Affiliation to PG. Courses in M.Com.

2007 - 2008

Started BCA, PGDIB and PGDIT Courses affiliated to University of Pune.

2004 - 2005

Internal Quality Assurance cell (IQAC) was established.

2005 - 2006

Establishment of Prin. D. G. Karve Chair in Economics, Banking and Commerce. BBA, BFT and PGDBF courses started.

2006 - 2007

Completed computerisation of Library, Inaugurated PNG Language Lab and Maitree Audio-Visual Hall.

18th March 2005

Diamond Jubilee Celebration, Chief Guest: Dr. Manmohan Singh, Prime Minister, Guest of Honour: Shri. Sharad Pawar, Union Minister for Agriculture, Shri. S.M. Krishna, Govt, of Maharahstra, Shri Vilasrao Deshmukh, Chief Minister Maharashtra State, Dr. Arun Nigawekar Chairman UGC, Dr. Ashok Kolaskar, VC University of Pune

10th Feb. 2005

'Best Principal Award' from University of Pune was Received by Prin. A. B. Deshpande.

6th & 7th Dec.04

National level seminar on GATS IMPACT INDIA.

2003 - 2004

New Center of guidance for FY. External Students on behalf of DES was started.

March 2004

'Best NSS Unit Award' was given by the University of Pune.

Sept. 2004

College with Potential for Excellence (CPE) Status conferred by UGC.

2002 - 2003

Establishment of UGC Network Resources Center from 2003-04.

2002 - 2003

The college has been accredited with A' Grade by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council, (NAAC), Bangalore for next five year.

2002 - 2003

Independent, official web site www.bmcc.ac.in launched.

2002 - 2003

Inauguration of Ladies Common Room constructed from the UGC Grant & donation from Shri. AT. Doshi

2002 - 2003

UGC approved Vocational Course in Tax Procedure & Practices and the Remedial Course for backward students.

2001 - 2002

'Best College Award' (As second from the Colleges in Urban area) under Quality Improvement Programme of the University of Pune was received.

2001 - 2002

'UGC Heritage Grant' of Rs. 7,00,000/- was received under which Computers & books were purchased.

2001 - 2002

First Batch of Autonomous Courses under CGA BMTRC.

2001 - 2002

Construction of ladies Common Room1 from UGC Grant & Donation from Shri. A. T. Doshi.


Started publication of In house students Journals. Think Track, Artha Vichar, Vanijya Vichar and Staff Academy Journal - We share.....

10th Feb, 2001

' Best Teacher in Commerce Award ' of the University of Pune was received by Dr. S.R. Kandalgaonkar.

2000 - 2001

State level 'Best College Magazine Award' from Yashwantrao Chavan Pratishtan, Mumbai was received

2nd August 98

Inauguration of the new building and CGA BMRTC Project by Shri Sharad Pawar ( Leader of the Opposition Loksabha ).Shri Ram Naik (Union State Minister for Railways) and Dr. Arun Nigvekar (Vice Chancellor, University of Pune,) were the Chief Guests of the function.

June 96

UGC Vocational Course in Computer Applications started.

June 96

Computer Laboratory started in the New Building.


Golden Jubilee year

22nd Feb. 1987

M. Phil. (Commerce) Programme entrusted to our College by the University of Pune.

July 95

Prof. A. B. Deshpande took over as Principal

13th Feb. 94

Main Function of the Golden Jubilee. Chief Guest : Shri. Sharad Pawar, the then Chief Minister, Maharashtra.

1982 - 83

An annexe consisting of eight classrooms constructed : Inauguration by Shri. Sharad Pawar,the then Chief Minister, Maharashtra.


Junior College Classes started.

1974 to 1994

Principal Dr. C. G. Vaidya.


The Silver Jubilee of the College. Shri. L. K. Zha, the then Governor, the Reserve Bank of India, Chief Guest at the Main Function.


The Pittie Hall constructed out of the donation of Rs. 25,000 given by Shri. Nandalalji Pittie in the memory of his father late Shri. Mukundlalji Pittie.

25 th Nov. 1973

Inauguration of the New Library Building by Shri. N. A. Palkhivala.


Principal Dr. N. K. Kulkarni.


Principal N. A. Mavlankar

11th Jan. 1953

The new Building formally declared open by Shri. Rama Rau, the then Governor, the Reserve Bank of India.

1950 - 1958

Principal Dr. T. M. Joshi

26th May 1951

The corner stone of the new college building laid at the hands of Dr. John Mathai (The then Finance Minister, Govt. of India)


J. N. Tata Hall constructed : Donation of Rs. 50.000 /- from Sir Dorabji Tata Trust.


Principal S. V. Kogekar.

11th Nov. 1944

The Naming Ceremony performed by Sir Chintamanrao Deshmukh, the then Governor, the Reserve Bank of India. BMCC donated Rs. 2 lakhs from Brihan Maharashtra Sugar Syndicate brought by late Shri. C. G. Agashe.

24th July 1943

Formal inauguration of the College at the hands of Sir Ardeshir Dalal.

20th June 1943

The College of Commerce (later BMCC) started in the Amphi theatre of the Fergusson College. Prin. D. G. Karve : First Principal (1943-1949).