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Sharad Pawar
National leader

“They are the teachers who taught us, who have given us certain directions in our personal life and we have seen one of the best teachers in our life with tremendous integrity, honesty and commitment to their education and students.?lt;br>

¡°I was the General Secretary of the college. I was ICSR which was the biggest elected position in the institute which I was enjoying and I am one of the persons who has got 92% of the total votes in the election and I come from rural area. Pune has given me tremendous support and in fact my public life and election started from Pune itself. ¡±

Ravi Pandit
CEO, KPIT- Cummins.
“You cannot be in BMCC and not look at yourself as an entrepreneur. I think that the amount of enterprise that one could show within the college actually sow the seeds of entrepreneurship within you and it teaches you that many people have done it and so can you?

Sulajja Firodia ?Motwani
Joint MD, Kinetic Engg.
“I carry excellent memories of my 5 years at the college. It was with a lot of encouragement from the professors that I was able to excel. I was able to stand first in my HSC and second in the university when I graduated and I remember my days at college to be once when there was lot of warmth, support, encouragement and they were very special days for me.?

Dyaneshwar Agashe
Chairman - Briham Maharashtra Sugar Syndicate
“The association between BMCC and the Agashe family goes back to the day of its foundation. Sixty years ago, my father, C.G. Agashe generously donated Rs. 2 lakhs to the Deccan Education Society. His intention was to encourage people of Maharashtra to gain a profession related education. This college was the result of this grant.?lt;/td>

Mohan Joshi - Actor
Past student
“Whatever you learn in college, whether studies or skills is always in future. I could make my career because of the opportunities I got in my college days?

Sudhir Gadgil
Television / Stage anchor
“Spontaneity in my oratory was developed on this evergreen stage of BMCC. Writing for the wallpapers of this college added humor and test in my channelistic writing. I owe my achievements and the success of my career solely to the BMCC.?lt;/td>

Dr K.R. Chandratre
Ex President - Institute of Company Secretaries of India
“That was the most enjoyable time of my life because during this time the foundation of my career was laid in this college. I am extremely grateful to this college because I believe and firmly believe that it was because of this college that I could do many things in my life and could achieve great heights in the profession of Company Secretary.?lt;/td>

Dr P.C. Shejwalkar
Founder, Institute of Management, Development and Research
“I have spent a very long time in BMCC. This college gave me an opportunity to become a management educationalist and I truly feel that I owe something to this college. It has given me more that I had expected and that is the reason that I am emotionally and deeply attached to this college.?

Ram Naik
National Leader
“Whatever we were learning in the classrooms as well as on the playgrounds gave us overall strength to go ahead in our future. So, the transformation that the college made in those 4 years has made it possible for me to build my career successfully in the past 50 years. ?lt;/td>

Pooja Ghorpade
“I am a swimmer. I got a Chatrapati Award in 2004. I participated last year in All India University Championship and I broke the record in 20 butterfly after 7 years. The college has encouraged and supported me a lot for this tournament.?lt;/td>

Abhijeet Kunte
Grand Master, Chess Past student
“Mrunal and I got a lot of support from the college. As we both played chess, we missed college and exams very often. But the college helped us a lot by arranging for re-exams and it is because of their help and support that we were able to succeed.?lt;/td>